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Oh Joy, It’s a boy! Moshbag beta - We’ve gone live!

We’ve just launched a new distribution platform for independent musicians, writers, & filmmakers!

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Spend as much time as possible with PEOPLE you love in a PLACE you want to be on a THING you are passionate about.
- Brad Feld
Ship Your Project In Time, Or Else...

All we need is a little Push!


Bad habits are just that Habits that are bad for you. The solution is simple, change your habits. We all have a weak link to our personalities. An innocent vice - eating, smoking, drinking, being lazy, etc till it turns dangerous not just for ourselves but to all our loved ones who care for us. Quite often, a little motivation, a little push, and frequent pep talks is all we need to help us quit our disgusting habits.

This is exactly what we’ve tried to do with this experiment. Visit, enroll yourself to receive motivational text messages from caring people. You can also enroll your loved ones to quit their bad habits. We promise to send daily motivational messages till they do!

At Texmote, we crowd source motivational messages, which means that anyone who cares can donate a message to people who need it. Soon we plan to have experts pitch in their advice, offer solutions, and alternatives. Join this revolution & we will surely overcome our vices!


Texmote Team


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Karunjay Anand:

Enuf said!

Simple as that #businessplan #startup #strategy (Wurde mit instagram aufgenommen)

Enuf said!


Simple as that #businessplan #startup #strategy (Wurde mit instagram aufgenommen)

Hatchlings Blog: Don't Be Evil: How Google Screwed a Startup


After trying to go through the “proper channels” for almost a year now it’s time to share this story of how Google screwed over our startup with the world.

Hatchlings is the world’s largest Easter Egg hunt. We have over 3.5 million users spanning all 50 states and almost every country on…

5 big startup lessons learnt from Jason Fried

5 Startup lessons learnt from Jason Fried, the kind of mentor who resonates with me. 

  1. Everything you do is marketing, your product, your website, your signup form, your buttons, your customer service, your error message, and so on. If you think of marketing as this thing where a bunch of people will do miraculous things for your product then you’re going in the wrong direction.
  2. Make something YOU need and when you do, SELL it. Free is fine but if people truly need what you’re selling, they will pay for it! It also adds a sense a responsibility on your part to deliver a great product when you’re being paid for it.
  3. Working remotely & meeting occasionally increases productivity, contrary to what’s happening in today’s traditional companies. When you meet on occasion, there’s a good chance that you’d want to express all your pent up ideas & theories. Working closely everyday only increases interruption and NOT collaboration.
  4. Learn to make money and aim to bootstrap your startup. Funding only cajoles you to spend more money whereas you’re really in this thing to make money! Focus on the right things and those do NOT include - buying an office space, buying equipment, obsessively seeking investments, etc. Taking Risks might sound entrepreneurial but is not practical, if you have day job, let your salary support your side project/experiment (not startup), until it starts making money. Don’t cut your income to dive into a new ocean of promise directly. Grow like a tree, slowly, steadily. 
  5. Don’t keep Google, Apple, or Facebook as your role models. Big Companies are exceptions to the rule & not all startups will have that kind of popularity. You’re role models should be Small companies that have hustled they’re way up.

Watch the full video here:!video_idea_id=21546



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